Is Internet Explorer Going Away?

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Mar 19, 2015 3:53:00 PM


The latest news has been that Microsoft will be switching to Project Spartan for its default web browser. But can Internet Explorer really go away? 

For those that panicked at hearing the news about Internet Explorer, don't worry! The web browser will not officially go away. The browser will still be shipped with the Windows 10 upgrade to remain compatible with your apps and programs, especially for business clients. But Internet Explorer will not be the default browser; Microsoft is trying to retire legacy code and adopt a more agile design model that reflects the nature of the web today and use of multiple devices.

Microsoft has redesigned the new platform, Project Spartan with new features and better usability. With its touchscreen ability, Project Spartan hopes to win back some users from the browser wars. It may be years before Microsoft can officially retire Internet Explorer.

Are you ready to let go of Internet Explorer? Share your comments!

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