Are you tired of searching for the right project folder or document? You are not alone. According to technology analyst IDC, the typical knowledge worker spends an average of 8.8 hours per week searching for information. That is roughly 10 weeks searching for information every year, per employee!

To make matters worse, organizations are producing new information faster than ever. The amount of digital information is expected to increase 30-fold by 2020, with a 60-fold increase in the number of accessible files. That means finding the right information is going to get even harder. Imagine: Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, you would be searching 60 haystacks for that one needle!

What is needed is a centralized, searchable store of all of your organization’s paper and digital files. That is the promise – and the payoff – of River Run’s innovative PaperLESS service. It combines document management software, a scanner and a PDF management tool to help you gather all of your paper and digital information into a common searchable database, where your entire team can access it. That means you can find the exact document you need in a matter of seconds.

According to product specialist Renee Kodner, you can easily replicate your organization of paper files in a folder structure on your server. “Some firms have thick, banded folders of client documents, organized by type and in chronological order. You can easily emulate that structure on the server, so all of your information is arranged in a familiar format,” she explains. The document store is accessible by SharePoint, which makes it easy to pull information from it into current projects.

PaperLESS isn’t just for converting paper files to an electronic format. You can also add the contents of emails and file attachments to your document store, where they are immediately searchable and accessible. Once captured within the document store, they can be backed up (so no files are ever lost), while support for versioning ensures that your team members can roll back documents to previous versions, if needed.

Because of the significant savings in staff time and physical storage space, PaperLESS can easily pay for itself. “If your company bills time by the hour, investing in this service is a no brainer. Even if you do not, you can still recover a significant number of work hours in productivity,” she points out.

“Manpower is not cheap; storage space is," Renee concludes.



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