How To Choose The Right Backup Solution

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Jun 11, 2014 1:40:35 PM

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Almost every company relies on their IT network to conduct business, whether it is because of email or accessing applications and documents.  Every company would like to minimize downtime and in order for that to happen a plan must be established. Which backup method to use is one of the most important pieces to consider when formulating that plan.

Today a lot of companies rely on tape backups because it is considered a cost effective solution.  What these companies may not realize is that options like this will not be the quickest option if a restore is ever needed. These backups take longer to restore and it is possible to experience more than two days of downtime in the event of a disaster, such as a server failure.  Factors that contribute to this extended downtime can include: how quickly replacement parts are be available, installing those parts, and the ability to restore data quickly. 

To reduce the possibility of extended downtime it is important to assess your current backup system and know how much downtime is acceptable for your company. There are a number of features to look at when picking your backup solution (to achieve minimum downtime.)  First on that list would be having a backup solution capable of working automatically. This will guarantee your data will be backed up, in the event the very likely “I was working on something else and completely forgot to save that” excuse happens.  Another feature you need to have is storage onsite, this is a key feature because in the event of a server failure, you will have your data readily available.  Transferring data offsite is another critical factor in your backup solution, in the event there is major damage in your server room or entire building, you need to have access to your data at another location.    A very nice feature to have is daily incremental backups, although not critical, this feature will give you up to date information in the event of data loss and the last tape backup had not been for a few days.  A fantastic feature for your backup solution to have in order to avoid downtime would be failover capabilities, which in the event of a server crash would keep your system up and running. 

To keep downtime to a minimum you need to find a backup that can provide you some of the features we have talked about.  Today, a lot of technologies are available that allow you under an hour of downtime, at very little cost.  Many companies cannot afford major downtime to their business, those companies need to check to be sure that their company has a disaster recovery plan that will allow their business to stay up and running and avoid major downtime.  So now is that time to check with your IT department or current IT provider on what your plan is, before it is too late. 

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