My employees want fewer video meetings, should we cut down?

Yes, if you can condense or combine them. Follow in the footsteps of big tech companies like Shopify and reduce the number of big meetings you hold. Your people will be happier, and you’ll likely save a lot of time.

Should my business upgrade to Windows 11?

In short, yes. It’s not urgent but Windows 10 will no longer be receiving new features and updates. So it’s good to make the move sooner than later.

I know I need a password manager, but which is best?

Good question… and there are lots of options. Different businesses have different requirements, so it really all depends on you. We’d be happy to make a recommendation once we understand your needs. River Run’s current preferred partner is Keeper. Get in touch with any questions and/or for a free demo.

Should I be monitoring my remote employees?

If you want to maintain a culture of trust in your business, probably not. But you will want to understand their productivity. There are a number of apps that can help with this. Get in touch for recommendations.

Where should I focus my IT spend?

Security is key but, beyond that, more and more businesses are looking at cloud solutions to help in all areas of the business. It’s an in-depth subject, so you should take expert advice before making big decisions.

Should I allow my employees to install apps on work-issued phones?

Yes – and they’ll need some apps to do their job. However, you should make sure they install only what’s needed. And make sure they’re genuine downloads from the main app stores – there are a lot of malicious apps in the wild!



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