Google Announces Recipe View

Posted by Eric Torres

Feb 25, 2011 9:34:00 AM

Want a chicken recipe that calls for paprika, takes 30 minutes to prepare and only has 200 calories per serving? No problem. Recipe View resized 600Google has introduced a new way to make it easier for people to find recipes with a new feature called Recipe ViewLaunched today, Recipe View allows users access to a huge array of recipes from across the web, just by searching for keywords based around ingredients, style of food or special occasions.

Recipe View allows users to narrow their search results to show only recipes, and it displays ratings, ingredients and pictures on the search results page. Once the results are returned you can filter out different ingredients, cook times and even calorie counts to find the perfect meal for you and yours…and me if you invite me over. Users can also search for or more open-ended topics like holidays, events or a favorite chef.

Recipe View is built on Rich Snippet markup technology. Any recipe publisher can add markup to their website’s content and be part of Recipe View. Recipe View is rolling out now in the U.S. and in Japan. Google is promising to roll out Recipe View in more countries in the future but they’re waiting to see how many people will use this feature as most serious cooks will have cookbooks or particular websites they use anyway.

Now that I gave you all the tools, when can I come over for dinner?

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