IT Checklist For Severe Weather

Posted by Eric Torres

Oct 27, 2010 12:09:00 PM

River Run would like to remind of you to take a few extra precautions to help in the event of an emergency like yesterday & today. With severe winds and storms rolling through southeast Wisconsin, we would like to remind everyone of a few things to keep handy.

damage from windstorm

Having the necessary information readily available in the event of an emergency will save you time and stress!!

Keeping the basic information that is vital to your computer network is key in having a quick reaction in the event of an emergency. If there was a power outage would you know who to call? What if your phone system crashed? How about your data, is it currently being backed up? Is your tape being taken offsite? These are all questions you should be asking yourselves on days like today.

IT Checklist for Severe Weather

Basic Contact Info

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Phone Service Provider
  • WE Energies

Backup Information

  • When was your last complete backup?
  • How was your data backed up?
  • Who currently has last nights tape?

Server Power Backup

  • Is your UPS (Battery Backup) working properly?
  • In the event of a loss of power, and your servers are running on a UPS, be sure to properly power the servers down until power is restored.

After-Hours Emergency

In the event of an an after-hours IT emergency, River Run Engineers are available 24/7 by calling our after-hours emergency support line at: 414-228-3076

For all other non-emergency technical support requests, please contact our Help Desk.



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