UPDATE: Photocopier Risk - The Latest in Personal Information Theft

Posted by Eric Torres

Jul 12, 2010 8:10:00 AM

UPDATE: Photocopier Risk - The Latest in Personal Information Theft

In the June edition of the River Run Tech Flash we featured an important article about photocopier risk. To recap, the hard drive embedded in most copiers and intelligent printers manufactured in the past five years, stores data on the drive before a document is copied or printed. On some models, unless there are security provisions in place, the data is stored unencrypted and remains there until the drive is full and new data overwrites the old.

River Run has received a few phone calls from concerned clients and friends asking what they can do to protect themselves. Here are a couple of things you should do to protect yourself if you are replacing a photocopier embedded with a hard drive:

  1. Remove the hard drive and have it wiped clean. Keep in mind, the drive has to be formatted properly in order for the photocopier to remain usable. Contact River Run Computers and we will be more than happy to direct you on how to properly have your drive wiped.
  2. Get it in writing from the company servicing your photocopier that the drive has indeed been wiped clean.
  3. There are hard drive security kits available for purchase from most photocopier suppliers. The kit includes password protection and encryption of your data as well as allowing easy wiping of the drive itself.

To help our clients combat any issues that may arise from the embedded hard drives, River Run Computers has teamed up with Central Office Systems for assistance with this latest security risk. If you would like more information on the risks or have any additional questions, please contact Eric Torres at River Run Computers (414-228-7474) or feel free to contact Arthur Flater at Central Office Systems (262-784-9698).

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