Should I invest in a business computer or a consumer computer?

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Jan 29, 2014 3:50:00 PM

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Sometimes the question arises, why can I not  buy a consumer PC vs a business class PC. Since the beginning of the personal computer, there has always been both types of machines, both very effective for their intended purpose.  There are many factors you need to consider when deciding which route to go, business class  PC or consumer PC.

Durability and reliability

If you are planning to use your computer often for work, invest in a business class computer, over the long run this will offer more value than a consumer PC will.  Business computers have higher quality components that are tested more rigorously, and thus are built to last.  Typically parts used for consumer computers are more generic, where business computers use name-brand parts.  Overall a business computer should last you longer than a consumer computer would.

 Service and warranty

Business computer systems come with better support options and are likely to be better supported by your IT services provider. Warranties on business machines are normally longer than those on consumer machines as well.  

Operating systems and features

Business computers offer features that are a better fit for professional work such as encryption tools and control software.  Business PC’s also have operating systems that are more suited for work use than the home versions. 

What should I buy?

If you are going to rarely use your computer and do not have a need for many applications a consumer PC will be fine for your needs.  You will get a fair price, and since it will not be put through the same amount of strain, it should work well for your needs.  However, if your computer is going to be used 8 hours a day, you have the needs for applications, and it will be used to help your business, then you need a Business Class Workstation. The extra investment will, pay off over the long run, in providing your machine with additional capabilities and most importantly the extended life of your machine.  

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