5 Steps to help prevent your passwords from being hacked

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Jan 8, 2014 12:54:00 PM


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Hacking can happen anywhere, whether it be a company, government or even just a home computer. Losing this valuable information, either personal or business, can be devastating especially when it is irreplaceable. Last month reports emerged about nearly two million passwords for Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Linkedin, and other popular web services being stolen. Below we have compiled a list of 5 steps to prevent passwords being hacked.

Step 1: Tough passwords

Having separate passwords for all of your accounts is very important, so if one account does get hacked, not all of your valuable information will be vulnerable. These passwords need to be difficult to guess, if you would like to see how easy it would be to hack your current password check on How Secure Is My Password.

Step 2: Take advantage of two- part authentication

You are especially vulnerable to hackers when you use many different computers, especially shared computers to access your email account.

Many websites are moving toward two-step verification. Essentially, it means that you need more than a password to log into a new account. If you use the service, you have to remember a password, along with a special key that gets sent to you as a text.

Step 3: Be sure your password is not on a commonly used password list.

There are many lists of available of commonly used passwords, if your password is on any of these lists you need to change it immediately. To view a lists of the top 20 most common passwords stolen from the Adobe hack, check it out here. The 20 Most Popular Passwords Stolen From Adobe.

Step 4: Be careful what information you are sharing

If your security questions to retrieve your password information are questions like what is your dog’s name or mother’s maiden name you need to be careful with what information you share. For example, do not tweet about your dog or tag your grandfather in a lot of different pictures on Facebook, if those are your security questions.

Step 5: Employ a password management tool like LastPass

Password managers like LastPass are great for managing your passwords and creating new, uncrackable ones. The benefit to these types of services is that you do not have to remember a password for each site. All you have to do is simply remember a master password. You do not even have to type in a password when you want to log in. Simply log into your websites seamlessly with a single click.


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