Best Tech Gifts for the Holidays

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Dec 4, 2013 5:23:00 PM

Tech gifts

With the Holiday season upon us it is time to start thinking of gifts we will be getting others.  Buying gifts for our tech savvy friends and family is not always easy, and the tech world is ever changing.  River Run Computers is here to help with a list of some of the latest and greatest tech gifts to consider purchasing for your friends and family. 

  1. Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina -The new iPad  Air has a bigger screen, is lighter and thinner than its predecessor.  The newer version iPad mini, with a brighter and sharper Retina display, sold out very quickly when first released in November. 
  2. Google’s Chromecast -For a more affordable gift look to Google’s Chormecast.  Gadgets to stream videos and more to your TV are everywhere and this is one of the newer and more affordable options.  Chromecast streams Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu from your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Canon’s Powershot Sx280 -Even in the smartphone era, cameras are still needed to take great photos. Using your smartphone will cause you to miss out on more people-pleasing flash, wider angle view, and better zooming ability.   
  4. FitBit Force - Fitness wearable gadgets are a growing trend in tech.  One of the newest options is the Fitbit Force, which like others, tracks your steps,  your sleep and your distance traveled.  However, the Fitbit Force also has a built-in screen to track your progress throughout the day, and also pairs with your phone via Bluetooth so you can see all the information in the app.
  5. Mophie – Most people have their own preference on phones and with contracts it can be tough to make that decision for someone.  The Mophie case is a great gift to get those friends with an iPhone of Galaxy S4.  The case has a built-in battery and provides a full extra charge to the phone. 

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