Determining your network security needs

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Nov 27, 2013 10:15:00 AM


Businesses today are constantly facing the threat of losing their valuable information due to a breach in their network.  Hackers continue to come up with the new methods to gather this information, so how do you protect yourself from them? Although it would be nice to implement every measure possible to protect your business, budgets are not limitless, so how do you determine the network security needs for your organization?  Below are some considerations to take into account, when determining the network security needs for your organization. 

What can you afford to lose?- Does your business have information that you cannot continue to operate without? Whether it be a secret formula or a process that your organization needs to continue to do business.  If so, when determining your needs, this needs to be protected, as your business cannot continue to run without.

Where do attacks come from?- Are threats of an attack internal or external?  Internal threats are not necessarily intended to be malicious, but often employees that are not aware of their actions may be causing threats to your network.  On the other side, if you have external threats because hackers want to gather your valuable data, this is a completely different type of threat.  Both of these situations are threats to your network, however, when setting up your network security you will have different needs in the plan.

What are you willing to invest in time and money?- Securing your network and valuable information does take time and does take money.  As mentioned earlier, budgets are not limitless, so you will need to decide how much you are willing to invest and what is important to your organization to protect.  If you do not feel you have as much valuable information, and feel hackers are not focused on your organization, your budget will be less.  However,  if there is a lot of information you need to protect, and hackers would be very interested in stealing this information, you will need to invest more into your network security. 

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