The importance of network security

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Nov 6, 2013 1:23:00 PM

Today there are still many businesses that do not take network security as serious as it needs to be taken.  Securing the data may not seem important, until you lose the data or your privacy because of the lack of security on your network.  For small to medium sized businesses, network security should be a high priority when setting up your network.  With the growing threat of an attack for businesses, security is important to prevent losing your valuable data.  As these threats continue to grow, so does the number of options to protect your business against these threats.  If your network is breached numerous negative outcomes may come from it, including data destruction, or data manipulation.

Data is very important to small and medium sized businesses, and is often irreplaceable.  Destruction of this data by a hacker will lead to extreme problems for businesses, and often lead to a company going out of business. Data manipulation is when a hacker will break into a system and change numbers or information, which can cause a lot of frustration for an organization.

River Run Computers will be partnering with the FBI to host a free lunch and learn on December 5th  to help businesses evaluate their network security.  To sign up for the event please click the link below.

Sign up here!

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