Protecting your equipment and data from power surges

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Oct 9, 2013 11:44:00 AM


The National Security Agency in Utah delayed opening for more than a year due to regular electrical surges that destroyed equipment.  The electrical problems have created small explosions, melted metal, as well as caused circuits to fail.  As you can see, losing equipment and data due to power surges is a very real threat to anyone, especially businesses.  You run the risk of losing your computers, printers, monitors, phone systems and more.  

A power surge is a short increase in electricity to your electrical system, and if there is not protection to absorb this (meaning you do not have a surge protector set up), then the extra electricity will be absorbed by your critical equipment’s circuit boards and the components of your electrical devices.   Power surges can result from either external or internal resources.  Externally the most common form is lightning, which can happen at any time and can be caused even when lightning is far away through cables and electrical wires and will damage or destroy your equipment.  Surges can happen internally through fax machines, copiers, air conditioners, and any time power has been lost and the restored.

Protecting yourself and your business against a power surge is critical, as your company likely depends on your equipment for day to day operations and communication.  Investing in a surge protector will help as a defense to the power surges, and protect your investments as well as keep your business up and running.  These devices will absorb the increase in electricity rather than the electricity hitting your circuit boards and potentially destroying them.  The only issue with a surge protection device is that after significant hits it can wear out, and needs to be regularly checked to be sure it is still functioning properly.  As long as you are regularly testing and checking your surge protectors you will be protected.  There are different types of surge protectors and not one type will work for every business, so you need to choose the one that is right for yours.  If you need any help choosing the right surge protector, or testing your current surge protector, please contact River Run Computers for help.  You have a large investment in your business, and protecting if from a power surge is very important.    


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