Common IT Mistakes for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Sep 11, 2013 11:13:00 AM

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Small and medium sized businesses are faced with technology issues daily, and as technology continues to grow the potential for mistakes only increases.  There are many IT mistakes a business can make, and below we have compiled a list of some of the most common.

Failure to backup/ Not backing up appropriately-  Most companies have a backup plan and strategy, but often it is not effective enough to avoid a disaster.  Backup strategies are useless if they are not being used and used correctly. 

Smart Phones not being protected- With the continuing development of smartphones, they become more useful for work and thus an even greater threat to be hacked.  Smartphones now carry so much sensitive data that it is crucial to do whatever you can to protect it.  Every employee should have remote wipe capabilities, secure operating system, and a strong password. 

Failure to Update-  Keeping up with the latest security updates to your anti-virus programs and operating systems should always be a top priority.  As threats develop, so do ways to prevent them and keeping up with the latest and greatest programs will help keep your business safe.

Insufficient Tech Support-  Many small and medium sized businesses  start off using a family friend, or the person in the office who has the most technical knowledge for their tech support. However, as they grow their IT needs start to become more complex.  Having the right tech support for your company will help you ensure you are using the best and most effective IT solutions to protect your company. 

Failure to test- Not testing backups, security, and disaster recovery plans are a huge IT mistake that companies make.  A tiny mistake with any of those can cause a large problem, and if you do not discover this mistake until an issue actually arises you may be in trouble.  

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