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Jul 10, 2013 10:01:00 AM

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To many business owners improving technology normally means spending money rather than saving it.  However, that is not always the case, and if done you will often save money with technology upgrades and services.  This is not only money you will save by increasing productivity, but real money that can be quantified when saved. 

1) By virtualizing your machines you will reduce energy costs and thus be saving money.  Replacing existing servers with virtualized servers will reduce your electricity use and cooling costs, as well as will save on additional space needed. If you have numerous servers, there is also money you will be saving on having to work on numerous machines.  If you have three servers that means you need three disaster recovery plans, three servers to maintain and three servers to support.  If you virtualize your servers you will not have to spread your time amongst three machines, rather just the one.

2) Outsource technology management.  Technology continues to advance, and with that it has become very rare that once person can manage an entire network.  For larger corporations the answer is easy, hire more IT employees.  Small and medium sized businesses do not always have that luxury, and it does not always make sense either.  Small and medium sized businesses that outsource their IT to assist their current IT person reap the benefits of large corporations without the extreme cost. 

3) Avoid unnecessary travel or office expenses.  If you give your employees the ability to work remotely they will no longer need to run up expenses traveling back and forth to the office when unnecessary.  Also, if not needed, you will not need to create office space for additional employees.  For employees who rarely spend time in the office, there is not a need to set them up in the office, rather giving them access to work outside the office is a great and affordable option. 

Although sometimes it may seem like you are spending a lot of money when improving technology, when the numbers are broken down you can realize how high the actual savings over time will be.  This money savings can be saved through efficiency costs, time costs, and real money that is spent on space and energy.  For more information and other ways to save on your technology upgrades please contact River Run Computers.  

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