Signs your IT network may have been hacked

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Jul 3, 2013 11:11:00 AM

Network securit issues

There are many steps a business should take to protect its network from being hacked, however you also need to be aware of signs that your system has been hacked.  Prevention is the best method, but if a hacker has gotten onto your network you need to be aware of the warning signs so that you can catch the issue before things get worse.  Whether your entire network is showing the signs or just an individual workstation, you need to look into these issues immediately.  Often these issues will not be a result of a network breach, but possibly a much smaller issue, but it is still important to look into it right away.   Below are numerous signs that may be a result of your network having been hacked. 

  • New programs have been installed
  • You are sending spam email
  • Your internet connectivity is slower than normal
  • Firewall logs are larger than normal and rapidly generated
  • Increase in network activity
  • Programs requesting access
  • Server event logs have been deleted or modified so that they no longer capture data
  • Security event logs are showing multiple errors for failed logon types
  • Network backups are taking longer than usually to complete
  • Network backup data set is larger than expected
  • Security programs or firewalls have been uninstalled
  • Change to default browser or a new tool bar
  • Computers are functioning on their own
  • Some security patches consistently fail
  • Some machines have anti-virus that consistently fails
  • Unusual folders appear on network shares
  • Unusual applications are present on the servers
  • Unusual files appear
  • New user accounts of unknown origin
  • Unsuccessful login attempts
  • System crashes
  • Unusual usage times
  • Unusual usage patterns

Everything listed above may be the result of a network breach, but it may also just be a sign of a different issue.  Regular maintenance and security reviews will greatly reduce the risk of your network being hacked.  If you need any help with either maintenance or security, and security best practices please contact River Run Computers for assistance.    

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