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Jun 19, 2013 10:11:00 AM

Computer Maintenance Milwaukee

A lot of people have dealt with it, a computer running at a very frustratingly low speed.  As time goes by it is inevitable that your computer will start to slow down, but there are ways to speed up your workstation without having to purchase a new one right away.  Below are some general computer maintenance tips and other ways to keep your computer running at a higher speed. 

1) Stop all unused applications- Any programs that you have partially started or are running in the background, reduce available memory and processing power.  Closing these will return recourses to your systems and the recourses will become available for your next application.

2) Clean up your desktop- If there are numerous unnecessary icons on your desktop, you will need to start moving them to your documents folder or the network.  Having numerous files on your desktop will be using up operating memory, and if you do not use the files often it is unnecessary for them to be there.

3) Empty the recycle bin-  When you delete files, you send them to the recycle bin where they sit and are held.  If your computer is running slow, check that area to permanently delete files that you will not need.  This will speed up your computer if your hard drive is nearly full.

4) Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date-  Today anti-virus software has become an absolute must. With  the threat of spam and viruses ever increasing it is very important to be up to date with your anti-virus software to avoid viruses that will slow down your computer.

5) Set your computer’s energy settings to high performance-  If your computer is chagrining, and battery is not low, set your energy settings to high performance and this will help to speed up a computer.

6) Add RAM- Ram stands for Random Access Memory, and adding RAM is the most effective way to speed up your computer.  Although it comes at a small price, it is not too expensive and can delay your need to purchase a computer for some time.  Normally if you are under 2GB of RAM, an upgrade should happen soon. 

The above steps can be taken to speed up your computer if it is starting to run slowly.  However, at some point you will be spending more time and money trying to speed it up, at which point it is time to look into a new computer. However the above are nice temporary, quick fixes.  

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