Choosing the right IT solution for your business

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Jun 12, 2013 12:27:00 PM


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In order for your small or medium sized business to stay competitive with larger corporations, integrating up to date technology that fits your business is very important.  To best serve your customers and continue to grow your business you need to have the right technology for your company. Network administrators and business owners greatest fear with technology is a network crash.  Network failures come at a huge cost, and many companies struggle to recover from them.  Your IT infrastructure is what allows you to close sales, ship equipment, and serve your customers.  Being down for a couple of days will cost some companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, employee downtime, and replacement parts. By setting up a strategy tailored to your company you will be able to implement an effective solution, within budget.  Size and industry are two very important factors when choosing the right IT solution for you. 

Industry: There is no one size fits all solution for IT support.  Every company is different, and depending on your industry your IT needs will vary greatly.  For instance, in some industries data loss can absolutely never happen, and for these companies spending more on a backup solution is something that is necessary.  All companies should have a disaster recovery plan, but in some industries this plan needs to include very minimal, if not zero, potential downtime because the cost of downtime in some industries can cost thousands of dollars in just minutes.  Different industries have different best practices, and when choosing your IT strategy it is important to consider your industry’s’ best practice.

Size: Your company’s size will affect what type of IT solution is right for you.  If you are a smaller company that currently does not have an IT person, hiring a full time person might not make sense.  You may not need an IT person all the time, and you also will be absorbing the other costs associated with hiring a new employee.  However as you get larger it may become time to hire a full time employee, but when this time comes will they need extra help on the network?  It makes sense to have a second set of eyes on the network, but does this mean you need a second IT employee?  Depending on your size it might or might not, there may not be enough work for a second employee and your investment might be better spent using an IT firm part time. 

Two important factors in choosing an IT solution for your company will be size and industry best practice. If you are curious to best practices for your industry please contact us and we would be happy to help you form a plan.  

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