Preparing to work remotely

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May 29, 2013 12:17:00 PM


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Working remotely can have great benefits to employees.  For example, if you are working late on a project you can do that from the comfort of your own home rather than having to stay at the office.  If roads are closed or for some reason you are unable to make it to work, being able to work from home is a very convenient option.  However, being able to fully work remotely is not as easy as starting up the closest computer.  There is planning and preparation that needs to go on if you want to be able to have full access while working remotely.  Below are five main areas to consider when preparing to work remotely.

Initial Steps- Identify the programs that are critical for you to perform your job fully and be sure you will be able to access these programs remotely.   Also, prepare an emergency contact list of who you may need to contact, whose information you may not have outside the office

Network access- Is accessing your company‚Äôs network important to your day to day tasks?  If yes, you need to be sure that your company has remote VPN access to the network and that you will be able to  use the VPN when remote.

Equipment-  You will need to determine what equipment you  need to complete your work outside or the office, such as printers, computer, mouse, keyboard, headset and computer charger.  If you need any of this equipment be sure that you are transferring it daily or that you have duplicates at your remote location. 

Security Concerns-  Encrypt your business data, this is a must when planning to work remotely. This makes data only interpretable to users, in case equipment is lost or stolen.  Continue to update your technology, as technology is updated it becomes safer with new protective features. 

Test-  Do not let the first time you test your connection be the first day you need it.  You need to check and be sure the following are working correctly, test your internet speed, test the ability to check multiple documents at once, and ensure that when you are working remotely you will not affect users at the office. 

If you set this up correctly you will see the many benefits that come with working remotely.  However, if you do not set this up correctly you will not have access to documents and programs you need and may also be putting your company at a security risk, so be sure to take the time and set this up correctly.  If you need any help setting this up please contact River Run Computers. 


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