Improving Employee Experience with Technology

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May 1, 2013 9:57:00 AM

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Your employees are an important component of your organization and keeping these talented individuals is critical.  There are many reasons why an employee may become frustrated, and one of those reasons may be because of lack of up-to-date technology which is restricting them from performing to the highest level.  Losing an employee for this reason is unacceptable especially when you consider the high cost of turnover. 

Employees need technology for a number of reasons, one being communication.  Technology can speed up the communication process, and open up employee’s time so that they can attend to other tasks and not be held up.  If an employee starts to be slowed down by the effects of outdated technology, it will start to become very frustrating for them and their experience at your company will be affected negatively.  For some employees being given old computer equipment will be taken as a lack of respect for the individual.  Imagine being given a 10 year old computer, on your first day at a new company, would you really feel like this company is invested in you and is giving you the tools to excel? You probably would not.  Overloading your employee’s workloads is another negative effect of not keeping up with technology.  Today most people do not have to gather their own data and processes are automated.  However, if technology is not up to date they will spend time gathering data and doing other tasks that could be done automatically with different programs and solutions.  As a result your employee’s stress level will raise and will have a lot more on their plate as they have to take on this work as well as all the other tasks they are responsible for.  Convenience and flexibility are a huge factor in keeping employees happy, and being up to date with your technology will really help with that.  For instance, if it is a Saturday morning and your employee needs to work to get a project done by Monday morning, would they prefer to have to drive all the way to the office, or prefer to be able to sit in the convenience of their home and complete their work? Having the correct software can allow employees to work from home and avoid driving to the office when it is unnecessary. Giving employees the flexibility to work at home is important to their work-life relationship, and will make working much more enjoyable.

Keeping your talented employees is key to continue to run your business smoothly, and keeping them around is much easier when you keep them up to date with the tools they need to perform their job effectively. 

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