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The short answer is, yes.  This may seem contradictory to some so let’s take a look at different ways that you can save money by spending money. Here are 5 different ways that managed services can you’re your company money:     

1)  Increase Efficiency- Hiring experts to oversee the IT aspect will allow more time for everyone else to focus on their own jobs. Small businesses generally have one employee who is tasked with handling the IT needs of the office. Generally that employee is unfamiliar with IT but knows IT better than everyone else in the office. Instead of wasting time TRYING to solve complex IT issues, this person should be focusing their efforts on their job and what they are experts at.

2)  Cutting Overhead Costs- By outsourcing your IT, you can reduce the overhead costs that come with hiring a new employee such as benefits, space, equipment, and other expenses.   Rather than adding additional staff to the current roster, it may make sense to outsource your IT department.

3)  Increased Knowledge- Most managed services firms have numerous engineers on staff; some even have more than 25 engineers on staff.  This means you have access to not just the knowledge of one or two engineers, but access to all of the engineers on staff at your managed services provider. To invest in that knowledge separately would be cost-prohibitive however with a managed IT firm it is just part of the package!   

4)  Customized Plans- Many companies do not need a second or third IT employee, however some of the time the work becomes too much for one employee to handle.  When situations like that arise, a managed services firm is a perfect fit.  The managed services firm can come in once a week, once a month, or whatever makes sense for your company, and take work off of the plate of your current IT employee so that he can tend to other pressing issues.

5)  Reduce Downtime- Your managed services provider can provide necessary network maintenance to assist in avoiding downtime, as well as many have tools in place to catch potential failures before they happen.  DOWNTIME IS EXPENSIVE! By hiring a managed services company you will reduce your risk of downtime. 

There are many benefits that come with hiring a managed services provider.  If you would like to learn about additional benefits, or would like to learn more about some of these managed services in the Milwaukee area please click the link below. 


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