How to save yourself time and money with remote monitoring.

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Apr 17, 2013 12:50:00 PM


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Remote monitoring is a very valuable and cost effective solution for many companies today, but why?  What is it companies find so much value in with remote monitoring?  Well, there are a lot of reasons remote monitoring can be valuable to a company, specifically remote monitoring can prevent downtime, enable you to respond to issues immediately, you can be alerted of issues at any time of the day, and lastly you can generate valuable reports to save yourself time. 

The first reason is huge for small to medium sized businesses and that is, remote monitoring can help to prevent downtime.  The average cost of downtime for small to medium sized businesses is $12,500 per day, and 54% of customers switch vendors due to unreliable computers systems! Remote monitoring can help catch problems before it leads to downtime, thus saving a lot of MONEY and angry customers!  A second reason for the importance of remote monitoring, can be found by looking at the ability to respond to issues immediately.  Without remote monitoring, it can take days or even weeks to notice there is a small issue with your network, however if you have a good remote monitoring service in place it can alert you immediately and let you know that something needs to be addressed.  This is so important, because if you are unable to address something immediately and let it linger for days or weeks, it has a very good chance of growing into a much bigger and worse issue.  Along the same lines of being alerted to issues immediately, is that most remote monitoring can be done 24/7.  That is very important because even in the very unlikely chance that you do have people involved with your network during nearly every minutes of the work day, you more than likely don’t constantly have people watching your network at 2:00 AM.  24/7 remote monitoring can send alerts at any minute of the day, and if a major issue does arise you will be aware of it immediately.  The last very important feature is that most remote monitoring services generate reports quarterly, and some of the better services even monthly.  This is very critical to look at to check your network health as well as to be able to diagnose where problems originated.  By reviewing these detailed reports you will be able to strategically focus on areas of your network that may need improvement, and have an overview of your network and everything on it as well.  These reports will also save your network administrator the time of gathering this critical information on their own, and assist them in diagnosing network issues in a much more reasonable amount of time. 

Remote monitoring is a solution that many companies are starting to pick up because they realize the great value behind it, if you have not taken a look into it for your company I would recommend doing do to save your company time, money and frustration.  

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