What does the River Run RSVP mean? - Network Maintenance

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Mar 13, 2013 3:04:00 PM

Proactive Network Maintenance

No, at River Run Computers RSVP does not stand for the French phrase "répondez, s'il vous plaît," meaning please reply. What it does stand for is the Regularly Scheduled Visit Program.  As technology evolves and companies IT infrastructure becomes more complex, network maintenance becomes far more important. The RSVP takes the stress out of your day to day IT work, and lets River Run take care of your IT needs. The RSVP is completely customizable and can be configured for your specific IT need and goals. Whether you are looking for someone to take control of your network completely, or just looking for someone to assist you in keeping your network running efficiently the RSVP will benefit your organization. Proactive maintenance is the main tenet of the RSVP program, and our overall goal is to ensure that our client’s networks are running efficiently and effectively.

Before the regularly scheduled visits start, River Run Computers will take the time to learn your current network configuration and produce our findings as well as our recommendations. This process includes one of the assigned River Run engineers gathering information on the client’s network. Next, a River Run account executive and the engineer will present the findings as well as recommendations of future plans based off of industry best practices. After the meeting with the client for the finding and recommendations, the regular visits will start.  During every step the engineer will go through a specific process.  The first step of this process is to meet with the client to verify they are happy with how everything is running on their network. The next step is data collection; the engineer will collect data from the network to use in the evaluation of how the network is currently running. This leads to the actual inspection of the network; the engineer will go through a preset checklist of maintenance tasks, which ensures certain critical pieces of the network, are being checked on a regular basis. The fourth step during the regularly scheduled visit is time set aside for extra activities.  For instance, if someone is having issues printing to a particular printer, the engineer will use time available at the end to work on these issues, or other work station related issues.  Each visit ends with the engineer providing the client with a report of everything that was completed during the visit, this information is intended to provide our clients with updates on the progress of their network. 

The Regularly Scheduled Visit Program provides our clients with consistent and proactive maintenance to their network to avoid potential issues.  If you are interested in learning more about the River Run RSVP, please follow the link below.  


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