Data Theft Protection

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Dec 7, 2012 11:26:00 AM

Data theft is very prevalent today, and you can look almost anywhere and find a story on how a company was hacked and their data was stolen.  Many different types of people can steal the data for a variety of reasons.   It could be a random person trying to play a joke, it could be a competitor trying to hurt your company, or it could even be an ex-employee who was upset with the way things ended.  However, there are numerous steps a company can take to ensure their data is secure and less likely to be affected by theft.  

Below are five simple steps to prevent data theft.

1) Encrypt your Data- There is plenty of cost effective ways to encrypt all your data, and it would make your data much more secure. 

2) Put privileges and policies in writing- A company need to make sure all employees know, what is theirs to look at and what is not.  Employees may naively look at documents and speak to others about them, without knowing it is supposed to be confidential.

3) Control Remote Access- Users don’t have to be on site now a days to access data,  a company needs to make sure they are monitoring this and who is checking data offsite. 

4)  Keep laptops under control- Another way data can be stolen is an employee can use a laptop and copy files to a hard disk.  For this reason your company needs to control what computers can connect.

5) Set Up outbound calling rules-   Firewalls are not just limited to keeping harmful data out, but can also be set to prevent certain data from leaving.  It is definitely in a company’s best interest to use this option.  

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