What do I do if my computer crashes?

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Nov 29, 2012 1:25:00 PM

If you have ever had your computer crash, you know how frustrating it gets, especially when there is a lot of valuable data that has not been saved.  Despite what some people think, slamming your hands against the keyboard WILL NOT fix the computer.  There are many reasons a crash does occur, but sometimes the resolution can be simple. 

To start, if a computer starts to freeze it would be a good idea to reboot the computer before it has the chance to crash.   When the computer reboots properly, that may mean it is due to a registry problem and in order to fix this reboot in “safe mode” and use a registry cleaner to clean the system.  If problems are still occurring reboot the computer one more time in safe mode and then use the system restore to restore the computer back to a time when the computer was working properly. 

If problems continue, it may be because of a virus and that is when you need to be careful.  At this point it may be time to contact an expert, as to not further the problem anymore.  Also, if you have important information hopefully you have saved it in a place you backed up, if you haven’t it is time to start thinking about that.

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