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Nov 20, 2012 1:11:00 PM

As the holiday season kicks off, retailers are leveraging mobile devices more than ever.  Here are a few popular and free apps available for IPhone and Android devices to make your Black Friday mayhem shopping experience more efficient.  

TGI Black Friday app:  Allows consumers a central place to search thousands of up-to-date bargains from various stores and product categories.  It also has a price comparison feature to make sure you are getting the best price. 

Zoomingo:  Allows users to get a head start on finding Black Friday deals by creating a “Watch List” of products.  Consumers are sent alerts as the items go on sale locally. 

FastMall:  Works as an interactive map of the mall on your mobile phone.  The app will give you turn-by turn directions to specific stores as well as list their current deals, the food court, restrooms, etc. 

Mint:  Functions as your mobile budget by monitoring your Black Friday spending, balances and transactions. 

List Bliss:  Shoppers can synch their shopping lists to avoid buying duplicate items if working as a shopping team at different stores.  The app is free and in real time. 

MyCityWay:  Combines the functions of 30+ apps in one.  Shoppers can plan the fastest driving route to stores with live transit alerts, learn buying trends as they are happening and discover what sales are not the best deal and to avoid.  It also directs you to gas stations to and restaurants nearby to refuel.

ShopSavvy:  A very accurate barcode scanning app that allows you to scan an item in-store, than compares the price to other online and in-store retailers to ensure you are getting the lowest price.  The app also gives you access to consumer product reviews, and includes a digital wallet that securely stores your shipping and credit card info for one-tap online purchases. 

Find My Car!:   Uses GPS location services to help you locate your vehicle and fill it with shopping bags after a long day at the mall. 

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