What is “The Cloud” And Why Should I Care?

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Nov 8, 2012 2:03:00 PM

The Cloud

The easiest way to explain “The Cloud” is to think of it as resources, including files and applications, which are available and accessible for almost any device with an internet connection. You may be using certain cloud services right now and not even know it. If you are using web-based email such as Gmail, Yahoo! Or Hotmail, you are already using cloud services. Other cloud-based services include CRM solutions (such as Salesforce.com) and online storage (Dropbox, Google Drive). Cloud based services offer various benefits over their traditional “ground-based” counterparts.

Why the Cloud?

There are many benefits associated with using cloud computing. Having tools and information available at any time on any device can help increase productivity. Work can now be performed on the road or at home instead of running back to the office. Cloud based services not only make it easier to work, but cheaper as well.

Cloud computing reduces expenses on hardware and software, as well as overall IT expenses. In cloud computing servers are usually barrowed and resources are used as they are needed. This reduces the expense of on-site network maintenance as well as the cost of server upgrades in the future; all of these costs are built in to the subscription price of the cloud service being provided. 

Lastly, cloud services are very easy to implement. Because of this, smaller firms are provided access to programs and utilities that were, at a time, only accessible by larger corporations. This levels the playing field, and because you only pay for what you are using, it won’t break the bank either.

Cloud computing provides many benefits which can help businesses save money and increase productivity. Cloud computing also provides tools to smaller firms that were once only available to larger enterprises. As cloud computing services continue to grow so will their affect in the workplace.  

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