When is it time for a server upgrade?

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Nov 6, 2012 8:32:00 AM

The realistic lifespan of a server is normally around three to five years, but some people are lucky enough to have a server run longer than that.  Obviously, you do not want to wait until your server fails on you to upgrade your server.   Well then how are you supposed to know when to upgrade?   The warning signs, that’s how.   Here are 4 signs that it is probably time to upgrade your server. 

1)      It’s Slow-  A server will slow down, and when it does it is time to start looking to upgrade.  Not only because it is coming to the end of its life, but it is also a good idea because it will slow down your day to day efforts.

2)      It’s noisy-   As a server gets older so will the fan, which means it will start to get a little louder.  Once it gets noticeably louder, it is time to start thinking upgrade.

3)      It’s warranty expired- There is a reason why manufacturers put a warranty on products.   The reason is, because after it gets to a certain age the manufacturers aren’t as confident it will continue to work, and do not want to be liable.  

4)      Dealing with it is just taking too much time-   If it gets to a point that you are putting in too much effort with it, it is time for an upgrade.   You should not have to spend too much time maintaining your server, think about everything else you have to do at work and how much better that time could be spent.

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