Importance of remote access, especially in times of disaster

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Nov 1, 2012 9:24:00 AM

Importance of Remote Access Security


In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, most businesses located in the storm’s path closed their offices and put their employee’s safety first.  But that doesn’t mean no one was working this week.  Advances in smartphones, video conferencing, social media and other technologies make it possible for many employees to work remotely from the safety and comfort of their home.  With more people working remotely, it is vital for businesses to have a Remote Access Policy in place.  This will help safeguard confidential data and protect against breaches of security. 

Make sure to consider the following bullet points before allowing remote access:

  • Company approved antivirus software included on all remote access devices.  Make sure they are set to automatically update regularly.
  • Personal firewalls installed and enabled on all remote devices.  All communication should be blocked if a threat is detected.
  • Only allow defined operating systems to connect to the corporate network.
  • Time-out periods should be set and connections terminated after periods of inactivity on a device.
  • While on a VPN, limit access to only necessary internal resources.
  • It is a good idea to have vendors, third parties and even employees sign a non-disclosure agreement for added protection.
Angie Biasi, Client Service Representative 

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