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May 18, 2012 12:15:00 PM


Protecting the local environment and helping people with disabilities


 GLENDALE, WI – (May 17, 2012) – Due to the success and demand from the local community for electronic equipment donations at River Run Computers’ Electronic Recycling Day held Saturday, April 21st, River Run Computers, Inc. (River Run), a Total Network Management Organization, is proud to announce Computer Recycle Services as a standard offering. 


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River Run collected over 6500 lbs. of electronics! Your donations helped aid in the protection of the local environment with Responsible Recycling and helped IndependenceFirst collect over 100 computers, monitors and printers for people with disabilities.


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           “We’d like to thank the Milwaukee community for making our inaugural recycling event such a great success,” expressed Paul Riedl, Jr., CEO of River Run Computers.  “Offering recycle services on an on-going basis is the next logical step to support the needs of the community and IndependenceFirst.”


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Contact River Run to request a free pick-up, or to schedule a drop off of your electronic equipment at River Run Computers’ headquarters at 2320 West Camden Road in Glendale. River Run and its partners follow the Department of Defense (DOD) guidelines for data security (5220.22-M). There are two types of data destruction that will be offered: 1) wiping of the hard drive, or 2) destroying the hard drive.  For more information on River Run Electronic Recycle services, please visit http://www.river-run.com/services/recycle-services.


About River Run Computers

River Run Computers, Inc. supports a wide variety of clients in Wisconsin, including manufacturers, CPA firms, law firms, auto dealerships, schools, non-profits, municipalities and financial institutions.  Founded in 1993, River Run Computers, Inc. is a full-service Information Technology firm whose mission is to “keep you up and running.”  Their organization is built on the core values of Fun, Integrity, Passion, Precision, Excellence, Responsibility and Direct Communication.  For information on Total Network Management RSVP Program or 24/7 Technical Support Service, contact River Run Computers at 414-228-7474 or email them at info@river-run.com



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