Beware of Online Shopping Scams

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Nov 30, 2016 3:24:36 PM

cyber crime.jpgThe Holidays are a great time of year to log onto the internet and make multiple purchases at multiple stores! But beware of scammers that are also lurking online. Scammers realize that people are vulnerable to clicking links and using wi-fi connections to order gifts and purchases.

Don't fall victim to an online scam. Here are some tips to help you as you purchase the perfect gift!

1. Only order from sites that use https://. This protocol secures information — such as your credit card number, address and phone number — that you will need to enter to ship your purchases.

2. Do not make purchases online using a public wi-fi connection. Scammers can easily tap in and steal your information when the wi-fi is not secure.

3. Type web addresses into the browser address bar. Email promotions are an easy way for scammers to trick you into clicking their malicious links.

4. Avoid using debit cards. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, a debit card will not be reimbursed if it has been attained and used by an online scammer. Experts recommend using a credit card because charges can be disputed if you have become the victim of fraud or identity theft.

5.Before you shop, make sure your software security is up to date! Some scammers take advantage of any software that hasn't been updated.

If you run into problems or think you may have been scammed, contact your credit card company first to make sure other purchases cannot be made. River Run can assist in making sure your computer is not compromised and any malware is removed. Call us right away at: 414-228-5009.


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