Adware Installer Attempts - Take caution!

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Nov 20, 2014 1:23:42 PM

Hackers are finding more and more ways to manipulate users into installing malware onto your computer. Before clicking on a link or downloading a file, make sure you review the origin of the link. 


For example, I was browsing a normal local news web site I read regularly and clicked on an article link on the page. It loaded, then quickly changed to the following:



The URL in the address bar looked like this:


Looking at the page, I found the following to be odd:

  1. This is not the normal delivery for a flash plug-in upgrade.  Usually an icon in the system try would appear for this
  2. The browser I use, Google Chrome, has flash built in, so I should not see any updates for this
  3. The screen references Flash Player Pro.  There is no product called Flash Player Pro that I am aware of.
  4. The URL host of is not what I would expect an update for an Adobe product.
  5. The disclaimer text states that this page is for installing a download manager that will “install independent 3rd party software that will update the advertised program.”

I looked at the actual source of the data I received to see where the download link was pointed.  It was set to get a file from the host:

Some research on this host found that it has been tracked as a source for the following malware/adware threats:

  •          Backdoor.Win32.Bredolab.zjf
  •          Win32/AdWare.iBryte.BG application


Moral of the story, if you receive an update notice, be skeptical. This is only one example of an attempt to install malware. Do not assume that a link is authentic.  Always download updates from the manufacturer, or through an update server you have knowingly installed.

If you are aware of additional threats or malware attempts, let us know! We want to educate and protect all of our clients and friends!



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