Managed services companies like River Run that provide cyber security get accused on occasion of trying to gin up business with scare tactics of ransomware, shutdowns, and breaches.

The silly thing is that 100% of companies should be employing proper endpoint protection, e-mail protection, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and up-to-date network equipment and software at a bare minimum. The sad thing is that approximately 4 in 10 businesses still have not invested in proper protection.

We wanted to  give you a peek behind the curtain with some real-life examples of what River Run’s R-Security has stopped so far this year.

MANUFACTURING – NEW CLIENT: R-Security stopped lateral movement of a bad actor that had already compromised the network and prevented the malicious payload from executing.

BUSINESS CONSULTATION – NEW CLIENT: The network sensor discovered a misconfiguration that allowed the domain controllers to have their DNS requests rerouted to potential bad actors.

LAW FIRM CLIENT: R-Security logs alerted the Security Operations Center (SOC) that a system was compromised. We were able to isolate the issue and stop execution by quick responses from both the SOC and River Run.

MULTIPLE CLIENTS with Microsoft Office 365:  Monitoring identified that old employee accounts were still active and were attempting to log in using old security protocols.

SERVICE COMPANY CLIENT: E-mail protection alerted River Run that a user ignored the red danger banner on an email that would have likely compromised the user’s account.

And here is a real snapshot of a monthly report on unsuccessful and successful login attempts for a client only operating in the US:

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So yes, we are going to keep on talking, messaging, and writing until every single business has the proper protection. As always, River Run can help.



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