5 Free And Simple Steps To Protect Against Cyber Criminals

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May 7, 2014 10:35:00 AM


Every day the threat of cybercrime evolves more and more.  Cybercrimes continue to rise and the cyber black market has grown from individuals working alone to organizations looking to make a lot of money. With innovation and growth, the cybercrime market can be very profitable.  

Cybercrime is so attractive to criminals because it has less risk and higher potential profit.  All it requires is internet access, and does not require any physical interaction.  Cybercrimes can include stealing a company‚Äôs intellectual property, using passwords to get into a bank account, distributing viruses to other computers, or posting business information on the internet. In the end these activities can leave a lot of your customer unhappy and destroy your business. Over the years the time it takes to recover from a cybercrime has doubled.

Many believe that cyber criminals can hack into even the most secure systems, however this is a misconception.  The truth is there are some advanced criminals using the best tools, however a majority of them fall into far less advanced criminals. These criminals often use some pretty basic, low-tech means to gain access to your systems and steal or misuse data for criminal gain.

Below are some basic steps to deter criminals and keep your confidential information safe.

1. Institute a policy for clean desks:  At the end of every day require employees to clean up their desk and lock up important documents. It is very important to be sure users do not write passwords on sticky notes and leave them near their computer.

2. Identify critical information: What data is critical for your business to run? Do you have legal obligations to protect certain documents ? Knowing what data you have and what data needs to be protected will help ensure better protection.

3. Eliminate unnecessary features: This is a very important piece to securing your network.  Enforce users to remove programs and add-ons that are not directly related to their jobs. Additional programs and applications adds to ways in which criminals can attack your system.

4. Shred confidential documents: Casually throwing business documents out with regular trash makes it easy for criminals to find the information. Instead, shred documents that contain sensitive data.

5. Train end users: Teach users about modern cyber threats and simple things they to protect data. Make users aware of typical threats and ways they can easily leave your system vulnerable, so that they can avoid these situations.

Investing money on advanced security tactics for your system, with our first taking these steps is like purchasing a security system for your home, but leaving the doors open.


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