3 Things To Consider For Your Next Server

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May 21, 2014 10:28:09 AM

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When making a capital investment, such as a server, you need to be sure you are purchasing the best option for your business.   Be sure to consider all the variables to ensure you are getting the greatest return on your investment.  Every business has different needs, so be sure to look at the different variables when purchasing your server.


Many businesses put together growth plan targets for the coming years, these plans will play a large part in what server you invest in.  You need to be sure when upgrading your server that it aligns with, and will be able to handle, your company‚Äôs future growth plans.  You want to ensure that you will be able to get the largest return on your server and a big piece to that is how long this server will be able to be used at your organization.   

What changes are you looking for?

What are some of the reasons you are looking to invest in a new server? Are you adding new employees or are you looking to improve your network speed?  Some companies upgrade because they are looking to fully centralize all of the files and information with their new server.  The first step is deciding what improvements you are looking for.   


The budget your company has set aside for this investment will obviously play a large part in your decision.  This is an investment and you want to make sure your business will get the greatest return on it.  If you have a smaller budget that may mean getting less space now, but you will want the ability to add on later as needed.  Also remember that there are backend costs, so what looks the least expensive at first may not always be after you include back end fees.  Backend fees would include additional maintenance and service as well as any other additions. 

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