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infrastructure as a service

rent your servers & network core by the hour

flexible, powerful, redundant

If you need flexibility, or are tired of buying new hardware every few years, or having to house and maintain your IT equipment, perhaps you should consider moving some of your IT infrastructure to “The Cloud” Many companies, probably most already get some computing services and applications from “The Cloud”. (Which is just another way of saying, from someone else’s hardware and software.)

analyze your needs, create your plan

River Run supports our client’s with helping migrate or build their services offsite. The options are many and the path isn’t always clear. That’s why our inSight Advisors, can help you plan your move to the right solution.

River Run's Co-location

We have many clients renting, leasing, or using rack space and equipment we provide and maintain in a world-class, secure Milwaukee facility. Call us to discuss whether this option is right for you.

microsoft azure or centurylink public infrastructure

We also support and help you migrate to either of these two public cloud options, depending on the type of infrasturcture and hardware/virtualization architecture you might require. Either solution is among the top 5 cloud providers. Again, call us to discuss your needs, or if you have any questions we might assist you with.