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ERP Project Management

the key to making the leap

When the time comes to initiate, replace, or incorporate a new integrated Enterprise Resource Planning application (ERP), CRM, or data management project, it’s time to consider an outside coordinator or project manager, especially if you haven’t determined which software vendor or features make sense for your company.

proven success

River Run’s inSight ASG department has been very successful in guiding the selection process and helping you avoid the pitfalls commonly experienced in a project of this magnitude. We bring important experience to the table from working with a number of companies at a cost that is almost always offset by avoiding mistakes and experience in final negotiation of your ultimate agreement.

Do you really have the excess capacity or experience?

Companies rarely have the extra capacity or experience readily at hand to take on huge IT projects such as these. We have seen most of the mistakes you can make, because we are often called in after the fact to try to untangle them. Mistakes like buying too large a software package that requires huge configuration expenses, or not buying a large enough application that you will soon outgrow or is inadequate to your needs. We’ve seen companies not plan enough internal resources, underestimate the value of training, or become mesmerized by a great sales person touting their specialized industry specific application, only to find out it can’t handle standard CRM or Accounting functions they promise. We’ve seen them all. It’s so much easier not to make those mistakes in the first place. Let us help you avoid them.

the stakes are high

If you are considering an ERP project, then you should talk to us. The stakes are too high not to have the support you need.