email filtering

Email Filtering


River Run Computers, Inc. Email Filtering Service takes a proactive approach to greatly reduce virus and spam emails sent to your server. The threat of spam and viruses continue to increase in email communications as new and more advanced tactics are utilized. The majority of email being exchanged today contains spam. River Run’s Email Filtering Service works to keep your network clean and keep you up and running.

Email Filtering Service Features:

Avoid Major Spam

Through global SPAM and Virus filtering, first round filtering is performed using reputation lists of IP Addresses and domains known to send spam.

Settings Tailored to Your Company

Your email filtering service can be customized on domain administration per your company’s needs.

Prevent Being Blacklisted

Through outbound filtering your chances of being blacklisted decrease due to sending unintentional spam.

Decrease the Amount of Traffic on Your Internet Connection

The hosted spam filter decreases traffic on your connection and thus can increase speed.