New Application Services

MicroLaw Inc. Joins River Run!

The Application Services team (MicroLaw, Inc.) adds over 30 years of experience in document management, workflow and document automation, professional practice billing and time management systems. Their expertise in general business applications training and PaperLessTM Office consulting will help meet the practical needs of today’s streamlined businesses and mobile workforce.

Our Application Services team will provide:

  • Installation
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Troubleshooting


River Run Computers can support the following applications:

  1.            Microsoft Office® software and Office 365
  2.            Worldox® Document Management System
  3.            Tabs3 Billing Software & Tabs3 Financial Software
  4.            PracticeMaster Practice Management Software
  5.            PaperLessTM Office Document Management 
  6.            Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Acrobat Pro
  7.            Symphony Suite™, Sympthony OCR & Profiler 
  8.            Payne Group document security and automation tools
  9.            Autobahn Automated Document Conversion & OCR


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