John Limbach

  • Chief Operating Officer

I joined River Run in the summer of 2019 in the role of Chief Operating Officer after seeking the opinion of our CEO, Paul Riedl Jr., regarding another opportunity that I was considering. Paul is in a CEO Roundtable that I had facilitated for years, and River Run was a member of the association that I represented so I had a very high regard for the organization and, of course, for Paul. After we were both coming to the conclusion that this other opportunity might not be a good fit, Paul asked, that since I was considering a change, would River Run be a good fit. The rest is history.

River Run puts clients, employees, and the community first with a FIPPERD culture that matches how I like to lead in business. My role is as Integrator as we follow EOS that includes oversight of Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Purchasing, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Vendor Relationships, and Office & Facilities Management.

Prior to joining River Run, I served as a CEO of a print and interactive publishing company, NovoPrint USA,  for sixteen years and have held management or leadership roles at Coca-Cola, Paychex, and MRA-The Management Association.

When not at work, I enjoy time with my family, traveling, hiking and biking, and collecting and selling unique and cherished pieces of Green Bay Packers memorabilia along with fellow collectors. As a shareholder and avid Packers fan, I am proud to have items that have been in my collection in the Packers Hall of Fame.

One of my favorite quotes is from real-life, MadMen legend, Bill Bernbach who said, “An idea can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs against it.” I feel fortunate and blessed to be on the team at River Run with so many talented people that make magic happen every day to ensure that our people, our clients, and our community achieve meaningful results.