case study

Client - A Milwaukee-area Medical practice

Providing an immediate response during a critical server failure

Client Overview

This new client is a Milwaukee-area medical practice who leaned on River Run when network problems occurred.

River Run’s “Team Atlas,” one of our four client teams, had reviewed the client’s system and was in the process of creating a Road Map plan that would update aging equipment, including a replacement for the practice’s primary server, which had experienced a hard drive failure, when the secondary hard drive failed.

This catastrophic situation left the practice with no access to medical records, patient appointment schedules, or pharmacists.


The Timeline

Emergency Alert
The first call came in when the practice opened for the day.  River Run logged in remotely and immediately diagnosed the situation - both drives had failed.  To make matters worse, the database was inaccessible.

Within one hour, River Run had an engineer on site.  One hour later, the Technical Services Manager of Team Atlas provided the client with a full report, along with next steps and the investment associated with it.  The client and Team Atlas prioritized the upcoming work by identifying the most important data that needed to be recovered.

The Recovery Begins
After ordering and receiving the new equipment, River Run began recovering the server. During the recovery, we discovered several databases were corrupt.  We worked with the client and vendors to restore the databases with the most recent “healthy” backups.

The restoration process took several days of intense round-the-clock service and we were able to restore the services in the order of importance for the client’s business.

Over a two-week period, River Run worked with the clients and other vendors to rebuild the system, allowing the client to keep serving their patients.

Ongoing results

After two weeks of intense work and collaboration among Team Atlas, the practice’s office team, and multiple hardware and software vendors, the practice’s network was restored and fully operational. To prevent a future catastrophe, the client has upgraded their system based on our recommendations and now uses River Run’s “R-Backup” and “R-Monitoring & Maintenance” Services.

The “R-Backup” service backs up the client’s data locally, at two data centers and switches to a failover server in the event of another disaster.

The “R-Monitoring with Maintenance” service allows River Run to be alerted before an issue reaches a critical level.

Knowing their system is up to date and under the watchful eye of the River Run team delivers the client peace of mind and allows them to focus on providing the best possible patient care.

“A server failure is a horrific situation for any small business. Team Atlas took the lead and tapped other teams within River Run to make sure the best resources were involved to take care of the client.   We are extremely proud that in the end, our client was able to care for their patients during the recovery and that the client is happy with the response and the communication they received during this emergency.”
Paul Riedl, Jr., CEO – River Run

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