case study

Erin Hills

creating an outdoor wireless network

Content Overview

Erin Hills, the site of the 2017 U.S. Open Championship, was voted the number one golf destination by Golf Advisor in 2017.  Known for its fine fairways and firm playing surfaces, Erin Hills offers a thoughtfully designed course and a remarkable experience that appeals to the serious golfer.

To ensure Erin Hills remains a nice place to play golf in an atmosphere that encourages the spirit and camaraderie of this great game, it expects that everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect.  River Run shares that same philosophy with its people, its clients and community by delivering the best experience in IT.


As an R-Managed IT services client since 2012, Erin Hills has its servers and network maintained along with proactive monitoring through River Run’s R-Monitoring & Maintenance service.  When Erin Hills needed a solution to power on-course transactions, they naturally turned to River Run.

Need:  Reduce Food Service Transaction Cost while Maintaining Guest Service

Erin Hills provides a traditional golf experience in a natural setting free from artificial distractions for its guests. While walking the course, golfers have the opportunity to purchase beverages and snacks from the staff. Transactions had been completed on iPads equipped with a data plan, because no Wi-Fi was available on the course. With over 30 iPads activated during the busy golf season, the course’s data fees were quite large, leading course management to seek a solution that could provide the same level of service to guests and staff while reducing overall cost.



“We implemented this project from a cost savings perspective and are pleased that the Wi-Fi network has paid for itself in two years. Although implementing a project like this during our busy season can be a challenge, we’d certainly recommend River Run to another business for IT support.”


                                                   ~ Stephanie Williams, Golf Shop Manager at Erin Hills




Solution:  Outdoor Wi-Fi and Wireless Access Points deliver Total Coverage

To provide internet access to Erin Hills’ staff in an unobtrusive and cost-effective way, River Run recommended an outdoor Wi-Fi network. The project began with the creation of a blueprint for the placement of access points. To ensure the blueprint considered the rolling terrain and unique features of Erin Hills’ championship golf course, River Run Technicians reviewed a topology map and conducted a wireless survey on the course.  The wireless survey identified the need for 12 Wireless Access Points to provide the required coverage.  Technicians worked closely with the Erin Hills property department to provide instructions on where access points should be located. Once the access points were installed, Erin Hills’ staff and the River Run Technical team used the iPad to test the wireless coverage.  The testing identified areas where coverage was spotty, so adjustments were made to the locations of the Wireless Access points until the total coverage requirement was achieved. 

A high level of communication and planning between the River Run team and members of Erin Hills’ property department assured properly installed access points, network connection, and successful testing without disruption of the serious golfers’ experience.


Results:  High-quality Service and Savings

By disconnecting 30+ iPads from the data plans, Erin Hills’ savings paid for the wireless network in less than two (2) years.  An unplanned benefit includes better internet access for Erin Hills and better customer service to its valued golf patrons.

The United States Golf Association announced that Erin Hills will host the 2022 U.S. Mid-Amateur and 2025 U.S. Women’s Open.  River Run plans to support Erin Hills through both events as they did in the US Open.