Mozilla To Release Firefox 4 on March 22nd

Posted by Eric Torres

Mar 16, 2011 10:50:00 AM

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Mozilla is confident enough about the state of its Firefox 4 Release Candidate (RC)  to announce a launch date for the
final version of Firefox 4.The company targets March 22 as the release date at this time, according to a developer post by Mozilla's Damien Sicore.

So far it seems as if the RC is holding its own quite well. I’ve been using it as my default browser since the early beta stages and have found no significant bugs. There has been only one major (Java) bug has been found by some users, which Mozilla did not qualify as a blocking bug. If all goes according to plan, Mozilla will publish Firefox 4 in its final version next week. If Mozilla discovers any additional bugs, there will be a second RC and the final release date will be delayed.

At this time, Mozilla is about five months behind schedule. Before the end of June, Firefox 5 is scheduled to be rolled out. That date has been pushed back indefinitely. Microsoft released IE9 late Monday, which increases the pressure on Mozilla to release its next-generation browser.

Stay tuned, later this week I’ll explain the new features and what you will need to know!

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River Run Tech Blog: Mozilla Labs Concept Mobile Device

Posted by Eric Torres

Sep 24, 2010 2:17:00 PM

Mozilla Labs, pieced together with the help of the community, designed this amazing mobile phone concept named “Seabird” as part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. The concept is nothing short of incredible. The entire tech blog world is currently talking about it, and with good reason.

Let's start by saying that this device is purely a concept, and Mozilla has no intention of producing it. The Mozilla Seabird is a product of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series, which is an open call to share ideas about improving the Internet, Mozilla, and its Firefox browser. The Seabird is an 'Open Web Concept Phone' by Billy May, that has been refined by community feedback since its 2009 introduction. May describes the project as "an experiment in how users might interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advance."

In concept, the device isn’t too different from what is currently on the market – there’s a large touchscreen, sleek body design and camera. It does step it up a notch by including dual pico projectors to enable users to project what’s on their device to a larger screen or wall as well as an infrared keyboard for typing. The Mozilla Seabird also envisions an embedded Bluetooth dongle with could be used as a form of a 3D mouse.


While we likely won't see anything like this for some time, it's exciting to think of the possibilities. To learn more about this concept, please visit the Mozilla Labs page.

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Mozilla Releases Firefox Beta's for Testing

Posted by Eric Torres

Aug 19, 2010 7:56:00 PM

Mozilla has launched an early beta version of the next Firefox browser (Firefox 4) and plans to release further beta's for testing every two to three weeks. The goal, Mozilla said, is to improve describe the imagethe development process by receiving feedback from developers quickly and getting fixes and changes tested earlier than in previous Firefox development cycles. 

The most noticeable improvement to Firefox 4 has to do with the look of the browser. The tabs have been moved to the top to make it easier to control the tools in the web browser itself. Also, if you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, the menu bar was replaced with a single Firefox button so you can get to the most-used options with just one click.

Under the hood, Firefox 4 integrates a new add-on manager that provides users with more space to handle add-ons, themes and plug-ins. Developers will also be able to build Firefox add-ons more quickly using the new Jetpack SDK to safely connect to existing libraries.

With Firefox 4, users will no longer have to restart the browser in order to install a new add-on or recover from a crash. When a plug-in crashes or freezes, you will be able to resume browsing by simply refreshing the page.

Firefox is known for its add-ons, where it has established one of the richest environments for new capabilities, positioning it as a platform unto itself. Add-ons, extensions and apps are becoming important for browser vendors because it creates additional options for its users.

Future beta releases of Firefox 4 will enable users to synchronize settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices.

If you are interested in helping Mozilla test the future Firefox, download the beta version of Firefox 4 by clicking on the link below. If you are interested in downloading the latest official Firefox release (version 3.6.8) click on the link below.

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 3.6.8

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