“River Run Computers has been providing RSVP, network security, hardware and software Request  Information advice for Phoenix Marketing Group for almost 20 years.  We’ve never had our network down, and when we had issues with indiviudal laptops, they were fixed very quickly.  I’d highly recommend River Run Computers to anyone.

Jean Radtke, President, Phoenix Marketing Group

Regular Scheduled Visit Program (RSVP)

River Run Computers offers clients network maintenance through the Regular Scheduled Visit Program (RSVP). The RSVP is customizable depending on your business’ IT needs regarding the maintenance and management of your network. The RSVP includes both day-to-day critical maintenance and security reviews to keep your business up and running.


Automated Remote Management Services (ARMS)

River Run Computers’ Automated Remote Management Service (ARMS) will help you make proactive, cost effective decisions that will save you time and money. Remote IT monitoring and alerting is becoming a necessity to small and medium sized businesses in avoiding unscheduled downtime caused by viruses, equipment failure or unplanned software/hardware upgrades.


River Run Computers Support Desk

River Run Computers’ in house Support Desk offers our clients IT support 24/7 365 days a year.   When issues arise, access to IT Support at any time of the day is critical for businesses to ensure that they stay up and running. When you need IT Support in the Milwaukee area, dial 414-228-7474 and allow our team of talented professionals to address your issue or concern.


CIO Services

River Run Computers CIO Services is intended for small to medium sized businesses in the greater Milwaukee area, looking to use the consulting services of a C-Level, Chief Information Officer in the same way you might use a lawyer or CPA, when you need them. Most executives of small and medium sized businesses are not experts on computer technology; they are experts on their business. Likewise, most IT department heads and technicians understand technology issues, but aren’t experts on strategic analysis, financial goals, or communications.


River Run IT Projects

River Run Computers’ IT projects are a critical part of the Total Network Management offering.   The project begins with the Project Management Phase, and anRSVP Engineer assigned to your organization reviewing the project and verifying the solution fits in your environment. River Run Computers is able to provide high quality and industry-leading products such as Cisco, Novell, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, Sonicwall, and Dell at competitive prices.


Backup & Offsite Storage Solution (BOSS)

River Run Computers’ Backup & Offsite Storage Solution (BOSS) provides a worry-free way to safeguard your data. BOSS is a back-up, disaster recovery and business continuity solution wrapped into one and is designed to keep you up and running in the event of a server failure or complete disaster. Our solution replicates your data in three sites; two bi-costal location facilities as well as onsite. In the event of a disaster our BOSS service will have you back up and running with live data in a matter of hours.


Email Filtering

River Run Computers’ Email Filtering Service takes a proactive approach to greatly reduce virus and spam emails sent to your server. The threat of spam and viruses continue to increase in email communications, as new and more advanced tactics are utilized. The majority of email being exchanged today contains spam. River Run’s Email Filtering Service works to keep your network clean and keep you up and running.


Application Services

River Run Computers now offers Application Services!


It is difficult for small and medium sized businesses to keep up with changing technology, and outsourced IT services in Milwaukee can help. River Run Computers offers outsourced IT services in Milwaukee designed specifically to address each client’s needs and direction. Since our inception in March of 1993, we have been been offering outsourced IT service in Milwaukee by listening to our clients and developing programs designed to keep their networks up and running at optimum levels! 

As an outsourced IT services provider in Milwaukee, River Run offer focus on the right solution for you and all have proven methodologies developed by our highly skilled and certified technical team.

We offer a mixture of preventative and reactive services. As you review the services we provide, you will notice the majority of the services under the Total Network Management Program are proactive, allowing you to go home at night knowing your system will be up and running the next day.

In the event something unforeseen happens, we also react with precision and passion to get you back up and running. The outsourced IT services we offer are listed above.