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Regularly Scheduled Visit Program (RSVP)

River Run Computers offers clients network maintenance through the Regular Scheduled Visit Program (RSVP). The RSVP is customizable depending on your business’ IT needs regarding the maintenance and management of your network  The RSVP includes both day-to-day critical maintenance and security reviews to keep your business up and running.

RSVP features: 

Improved network stability and less downtime to continue business operations.
Issues resolved quicker with engineers who know your network.
Issues resolved quicker when primary or secondary are unavailable
Decreased amount of unplanned downtime, due to the regular visits and checklist to ensure everything is running smoothly. Less on your to-do list!
Cost effective service through a customizable plan that meets your company’s specific needs.

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The average computer user spends about 13 minutes every day just waiting for their technology to catch up to them, which equates to up to 3 lost days a year.