Automated Remote Management Service

Automated Remote Management Services (ARMS)

River Run Computers, Inc. Automated Remote Management Service (ARMS) will help you make proactive, cost effective decisions that will save you time and money. Remote IT monitoring and alerting is becoming a necessity to small and medium sized businesses in avoiding unscheduled downtime caused by equipment failure or unplanned software/hardware upgrades.

ARMS Features:

Proactively monitoring your network, and when action is required an automatic alert will be sent to our support team.
Create technical support requests on your desktop direct to River Run Computers Operation center, for minimal time in reporting issues.
Initial and ongoing scanning of hardware and software assets as well as patch management information.
Detailed reports provide accurate and up to date data to assist in IT management and spending, as well as assist the ARMS teams to diagnose issues faster.

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On average, downtime costs small and medium sized businesses $12,500 per day.